Hummer/McD's parody website

Sibling blog Autoblog wrote a good post on the initial controversy over McDonald's decision to give away Hummer toys in their Happy Meals this month. In a lot of circles, the Hummer brand is a powder keg, and it didn't take long for a parody website to pop up that allows people to express their outrage at the combination of fast food, kids and Hummers. The website, brought to you by Environmental Working Group and, has five reasons McDonald's shouldn't offer the Hummer toys and, more interestingly, a McDonald's sign generator that allows people to input their own anti-Hummer/anti-McDonald's message. The most popular are showcased on the front page, along with the five reasons (which attack the Hummer's environmental effects and say that to fill up an H2 costs over $100, money that could be spent on healthier food).

[Source:, Hat Tip to Matthew Fried]

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