When Dodge made it a point to distinguish the new Caliber from its older, weathered sibling, the move to the "It's not cute" marketing slogan was in stark contrast to Neon's "Hi" ad campaign.

Whether or not it's working is still in question, but it seems that people harboring the "X" chromosome are more drawn to the small, pseudo-ute than Dodge expected. Of the total car buyers driving the new Caliber off the lot, 43 percent are female, a marked difference compared to the overall ratio of female Dodge owners at about 27 percent.

What this accounts for is anyone's guess, but logic stands to reason that some women have decided to trade in their SUVs for a vehicle that still has an overall aura of ruggedness and utility, whereas others probably just came out of Neon and decided to stick with the brand that they knew.

[Source: Automotive News]

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