Eric Ridenour, the Chrysler Group's COO, announced today that his company would be joining General Motor's "Live Green, Go Yellow" campaign by including yellow-colored gas caps on all of the Chrysler Group's E85-capable vehicles. Chrysler's E85 lineup includes ten vehicles at the moment: the Dodge Grand Caravan, Caravan, Dakota, Ram half-ton and Durango; the Chrysler Sebring sedan, Town and Country, and Aspen; and the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Commander. The yellow gas caps are designed to allow consumers to know at a glance whether or not their vehicle is E85 capable. Chrysler will be volume purchasing the caps from the same supplier with GM.

It's nice to see two companies getting together on something. Ridenour even joked during his speech that the picture he used for the presentation slide was from GM, so they were even saving money on the photo shoot. That's good, because we got our picture from GM, as well.

[Source: Chrysler]

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