Evette EV has 200-mile range and goes 60 mph

No, it's not an electric Corvette, but the Evette does look sleek and runs on 24 12-volt batteries that recharge for about two dollars. EV enthusiasts Tom and Yvette Sines area the team behind the car, which has three wheels and has a fiberglass body. The street-legal vehicle is operated by joystick and has a zero turn radius. Tom Sines told the Okeechobee News that the Evette goes 60 mph and has a 200-mile range. The current version is the result of 20 years of work and about five or six upgrades. The Sines are looking for investors to help them mass-produce the car, which they figure could be sold for about $25,000. We'll see if the Sines have an experience similar to other small EV producers. Good luck to 'em. Their website is here.
[Source: NewsZap, Hat Tip to Jeremy Switzer]

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