A Chevrolet Cobalt SS racecar engineered in part by three female students is heading for the Bonneville Salt Flats this week, in an attempt to set speed records using both E85 and gasoline.

If the student's Cobalt project is successful, it will be the first vehicle to set a record at Bonneville using E85 fuel, racing in the G Class/Unblown Fuel Competition Coupe class. Running gasoline, the car will also run in G CLass/Unblown Gas Competition Coupe class.

GM Co-op students Lauren Zimmer, Sandra Saldivar and Heather Chemistruck are part of GM Performance Division's Student Bonneville Program.

The fuel-injected "Go Yellow" Cobalt will be joined by a trio of GM Performance Bonneville entries powered by blown versions of the General's Ecotec four-banger: the Chevy So-Cal Bonneville HHR, the Chevy So-Cal Cobalt SS, and the Ecotec Lakester.

[Source: GM]

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