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Iowa State University researcher says school buses "perfect application" of hybrid technology

Add two school districts in Iowa to the list of districts around the country that are getting some of those 19 hybrid school buses we mentioned a little over a week ago. The two districts – Nevada Community School District and Sigourney Community School District – have been planning for two years to take part in the nationwide test of the diesel-electric hybrids. Dennis Kroeger, a transportation research specialist for the Iowa State University Center for Transportation Research and Education said in a university news release that, "This is a perfect application for this technology. Buses operate at low speeds. There's a lot of stop-and-go driving. And so it makes sense to use a lot of these buses."
Indeed. There are a number of government organizations (the Iowa Energy Center, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the School Administrators of Iowa) putting up grant money to fund the expensive buses to see just how much sense it makes.

[Source: Iowa State, Thanks to ABG Reader Tush]


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