Car care comes to your mobile phone

If you're reading this, there is a good possibility that your vehicle's maintenance schedule is wired into your nervous system. We know that we cater to the most geeky meticulous of gearheads, but not everyone has the organizational abilities to keep track of what service should be performed and when. We also understand that not everyone has unfettered access to a certain Impala-obsessed engineer to answer his or her trite automotive inquiries.
Well, where there's a problem, technology is bound to find a solution.

That solution is a new service, devised by Advance Auto Parts in collaboration with mFoundry, that keeps track of your vehicle's maintenance schedule and can remind you, say, if your oil is due for a change after the Advance Auto Parts recommended interval of 90 days. The service, available to web-enabled users of Sprint, Nextel and Cingular phones, has a range of other auto-related features from how-to articles on vehicle repair to business locators and driving directions.

The service would entail a $2.99 monthly service charge, billed directly to the mobile phone user's invoice. The how-to information is stored directly on the mobile phone, in an effort to avoid eating up excessive minutes by downloading the necessary files.

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