Don't try this at home: SUV with remote-operated shotguns

If you think vehicle-mounted weapons are cool in video games, wait until you check them out in real life. Observe the HAMMER Remotely-Operated Weapons System for Robotic and Manned Vehicles, which is available for use in both manned and unmanned (remote-controlled) ground vehicles as well as unmanned air combat vehicles. The company says the system, which is comprised of two 12-gauge shotguns mounted on a turret system, is ready for applications such as peacekeeping (oh, the irony), urban warfare and law enforcement right out of the box.

Check out this video of the twin shotguns mounted atop an SUV making short work of some potted plants -- pretty cool/scary stuff depending on your sensibilities. There are certainly some benefits to having firepower on tap you can control accurately yet remotely while safely ensconced inside an armored SUV.

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