4-speed automatics on their way out

Transmission supplier Jatco Ltd. believes that by 2015 the 4-speed automatic transmission will be no more. Shigeo Ishida, president of the company, says that newer transmission technologies, like 6-speed automatics and CVTs, will rapidly replace the quartet of cogs that had for some time been a standard in most autos.
It is true that 4-speed automatics are fast becoming a criticism of vehicles that still use them. The Corvette made do with a 4-speed auto all the way up to its 2006 model year, for instance, when it was replaced by a six-speed unit. Of course, the Vette had more than enough torque to make up for its lack of gears, as do pickups like GM's new GMT900 trucks that are also debuting with 4-speed automatics.

[Source: Automotive News]

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