Magic 8-Ball, what will cars be like in the future?

Automotive consumer site has peered into its crystal ball and been analyzing exhaust smoke patters in order to claim what the latest and greatest technologies will be down the road (or down the air if we ever get the flying cars we've been promised). Its predictions include:
  • Flexible Fuel Systems ( car that could run on gas, diesel, hydrogen, E85 and electric power.)
  • Active Tires (...change to handle different road conditions with the push of a button.)
  • True Autopilot
  • Lane Changer Warning
  • Camless Engines
  • Self-Repairing, Self-Cleaning Paint
  • Navigation Systems With Real-Time Traffic Information
  • Self-Parking Cars
  • Electric Window Tinting (...clear to tinted to even opaque with the push of a button.)
  • Keyless Entry and Ignition
  • Adaptive Brake Lights
  • Computer Center ( computer that can manage navigation, phones, email, CDs, a PDA and every other new techno-gadget...)
  • Collision Mitigation Systems
  • Automotive Black Box
  • Economy Mode ( turns off non-essential systems, turns down the A/C and even engages cruise control to conserve fuel.)
A full explanation of each technology and when they will be commonplace can be found at the link. Is the next Nostradamus or should we be shaking our own Magic 8 Ball instead?

[Source: PR Newswire via finanzen]

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