Nissan pulls the plug on EVs

It seems some car manufacturers haven't seen "Who Killed the Electric Car?" yet, or don't understand some of the negative backlash it might create. The city of Pasadena, Ca, made substantial investments in electric and hybrid cars, trucks and buses, and the infrastructure to support them in the late nineties, in order to reduce air pollution filling the streets. Many city employees have been driving around town in battery-powered cars, with electric charging stations available throughout the city. Now Nissan has decided to pull the 11 Nissan Hypermini EVs the city was leasing. While the city of Pasadena did offer to buy the cars, Nissan wouldn't sell the cars. According to Nissan, the leases were always temporary, part of a research program which was extended well beyond its intended lifetime. The city is not only interested in keeping the cars out of idealism or politics; the EVs operate at one third the cost of gasoline powered vehicles.

[Source: Pasadena Star]

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