The 24k Gilded Porsche

Here's the scenario: you're opening a new jewelery museum. You need to get some traffic coming through that door.

The average pedestrian is probably not going to be interested, so you need something to reel them in. Something they haven't seen before. Something so over-the-top, that they can't help but come take a look. Schmuckwelten, a museum in Pforzheim, Germany, determined that the answer was to take one perfectly good Porsche Boxster, remove its paint, and replace it with gold leaf. Even the wheels and roll hoops get the treatment.

The car looks a tad ridiculous, but in fairness, the craftsmanship is really impressive. Look at the detail shot of the rearview mirror after the jump and you'll understand what we mean.

Introduced in April, this Burnished Boxster should be a fine, attention-getting museum piece -- an oddity that people will tell their friends to go check out in person. However, for any of you who may, in a fleeting moment of insanity, think that this might look good on your own car, we urge you to reconsider.

Scratch repairs could get pretty expensive.

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Schmuckwelten Porsche
Schmuckwelten Porsche
Schmuckwelten Porsche

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