Update on the Mercedes-Benz F600 Hygenius Concepts

Last year sib blog Autoblog posted on the F600 Hygenius, a fuel-cell concept by Mercedes-Benz. FuelCellWorks has provided the following updates:
  • More hydrogen storage. The new F600 Hygenius has doubled the bar amount from 350 to 700 enabling it store over eight pounds of hydrogen and travel over 240 miles on one tank of fuel.
  • New membrane and humidification technologies make it easy to start the vehicle at minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A new lithium ion battery which generates twice the power from the previous generation.
Additional details can be found at the article. No additional news if the concept will ever go into production is provided though the automaker most likely will incorporate many of the technologies in its production vehicles.

[Source: FuelCellWorks]

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