Saturn to receive next-gen Opel Vectra Wagon

The next-generation Opel Vectra Wagon will be imported and rebadged as a Saturn, according to a published report. It'll join the Astra (the next Saturn Ion) as the second Opel to be sold in North America as a Saturn. Sources from GM Europe have stated that the annual sales goal for the new wagon will be 50,000 units, and that it should appear in Saturn showrooms in '08 or '09.

The car will be built on the next-generation global Epsilon platform and is expected to feature V6 power and all-wheel-drive. Everyone's mum on naming, but it's not outlandish to guess that it'll be called the Aura Wagon or something similar. According to AutoWeek, Saturn marketers are still deciding how to present the car to its new audience. It'll be positioned as either an upscale wagon or a soft-roader a la the Audi Allroad.

If we had things our way, we'd position it as a premium wagon and bolster that image with a hot Red Line variant later on. Let the next Vue (likely another Opel import, the Antara) assume the mantle as Saturn's off-roader.

No matter how GM decides to market it, the new Saturn wagon will give them a stylish, practical hauler that should have some appeal in a marketplace that has seen fuel-cost-fatigued drivers move away from SUVs.

Note: Current Vectra Wagon pictued

[Source: AutoWeek]

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