No biodiesel plant in China (China, Maine, that is)

While home brewers often operate under the radar of zoning laws, setting up a large-scale biodiesel plant requires a bit of work and legal wrangling. One couple's attempt to build such a facility came to a halt last week after the town Appeal's Board of China, Maine rejected their application again (the Planning Board first rejected it in November and the couple appealed). The couple said they plan to appeal again to the Supreme Court.
What's at issue in the case is how the biodiesel plant would affect the surrounding area, something that is of interest beyond the state. The board said the biodiesel plant would have detrimental effects on the peace of the area, the value of surrounding properties and the water supply. The couple's observation that the area already has commercial ventures on the same road where the biodiesel plant is to be built was not enough to convince the Board to greenlight the plant. Neighbors were also afraid of possible explosions at the plant.

[Source: Maine Today]

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