Iowa cattle industry could boom thanks to ethanol

We mentioned a somewhat-cattle-related story last week and now here comes another one. Maybe it's the start of a trend.

Anyway, farmers in Iowa think that the ethanol industry could not only help, say, corn farmers, but also cattle farmers, since one of the byproducts of making ethanol (de-starched corn kernels) can be used as a high-protein livestock feed, according to an article in the Des Moines Register. Since ethanol is a growing industry and Iowa is the top ethanol-producing state, a lot of this byproduct will be created, which could prompt a boom in the cattle industry in the state. One cattle feeder has been feeding ethanol co-products to cattle since 1985. Back then he bought wet corn gluten feed from Cargill Inc.'s corn syrup plant in Cedar Rapids, the article says.

[Source: Des Moines Register]

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