The license plate never lies - Platewire lets you get back at bad drivers

We all know that particular type of concentrated anger that comes to the surface while being cut off, veered into and almost run off the road by bad drivers. Platewire is a website that lets you get back at those not deserving of a drivers license by reporting their offenses along with their plate numbers. Truly the site is more cathartic than anything, as most reports are full of creatively expressed cuss words and more exclamation points than periods.

Having just underwent an update, Platewire now also allows motorists to begin the reporting process while the wounds are still fresh. One just needs to dial the site's toll-free phone-to-web service, which will associate the entered plate number with the phone number from which the call was placed. The plate number can then be retrieved later on and entered with a detailed description of why, for instance, the woman driving her minivan while attempting to eat tacos should be banned from the roads.

[Source: via Netscape]

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