An in-depth look at the ethanol plant development process

It's not uncommon for me to write in a post something like "the ethanol plant will open in 2008". This is because a new ethanol plant opening is really nothing that uncommon anymore. And because it happens all the time, I don't regularly sit and wonder what it takes to open one of these facilities. In fact, when I first wrote about this one particular ethanol plant to be built in New York State back in April, it was just another bit of biofuel news. Now, an article in the Central New York Business Journal shows the gritty details of one little part of the ethanol industry got started.
The article, called "The Ethanol Odyssey", focuses on a cross-border ethanol enterprise that will build an ethanol plant in upstate New York this year. It describes the initial plans, the search for funding and the way an old beer brewing plant is being reconfigured to make ethanol. The plant, Northeast Biofuels, LP, has been in the works since 2001, and will open in, well, 2008. Now we know.

[Source: Central New York Business Journal]

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