If there's one thing that just screams "Weekend!", it's knowing all the latest biofuel production facility news. Am I right? Of course. Since this is a truism, here's your weekend dose of info. You can thank me on Monday.

- Marathon Oil announced this week that the company would offer biodiesel at the Kramer's Lane Terminal in Louisville, Kentucky. It is the first biodiesel storage and distribution project in Kentucky and will start operation in early 2007.

- Nova Energy Holding announced Wednesday that it would be receiving feedstock from ConAgra for a biodiesel facility that will be built somewhere in Oklahoma. ConAgra will also sell the biofuel. The refinery will be completed in 2007.

- Jumping across the ocean now, Greenline Industries announced they would build a biodiesel production facility in Vaslui province, Romania, capable of producing 7 million gallons a year. It, too, will begin production in 2007. The European Common Market requires new or applying members (like Romania) to blend 5.7 percent biodiesel into all diesel in a country (if I'm reading the information correctly, it's worded a bit strangely).

Now go enjoy your weekend.

[Source: Greenline Industries, Inc., Nova Energy Holding, Inc., Marathon Oil Corporation]

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