FIA bans BMW's vertical nose fins

The FIA has gone ahead and banned BMW-Sauber's controversial vertical nose fins that first appeared on the team's F1 car two weekends ago at Magny-Cours for the French Grand Prix. The team claims that the vertical wings, nicknamed the "Twin Towers" after the Petronas Towers – the world's tallest buildings – in Malaysia, aid downforce at the front of the car, but the FIA cited safety concerns for their decision to toss them from the track. The governing body claimed the wings could impair drivers' visibility, though both of BMW's drivers who raced in the French GP say they don't. Regardless, BMW has decided to accept the FIA's decision, though it's understandably irked since there's nothing in the rulebooks preventing the fins and the cars passed a pre-race inspection before the French GP.

Both Ferrari and Williams were suspected of studying the new design with plans to copy it on their own cars, so perhaps we should praise the FIA for its preemptive move to uphold the aesthetic of F1 racing.

[Source: SPEEDTV]

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