Ferrari Classiche Division opens HQ in Maranello

Ferrari's Classiche Division exists solely to ensure that older Ferraris survive the test of time and contribute to the brand's mythic image of building the best sports cars in the world. The Classiche Division recently carved out its own headquarters at the Maranello factory where older Ferraris will come to apply for a Certificate of Authenticity. Any road-going Ferrari 20 years or older and any competition Ferrari race car can apply to be certified, which involves a careful inspection by the Classiche Division to determine that each car is 100-percent Prancing Horse. For those cars that have been restored or repaired with parts not from the Maranello catalogue, Ferrari will be happy to offer official spares that conform to original specs. Not only will a Certificate of Authenticity boost the value of an older Ferrari, it also permits the car to take part in official Ferrari events like the Shell Historic Challenge.

[Source: WorldCarFans]

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