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Hummer-Hatin' Ann Arbor, GM-Lovin' Michigan

In part because the vehicle symbolizes "wastefulness", there's an entire town in mid-Michigan that's got no love for GM's Hummer. I wrote just the other day about the political hot potato that is the Hummer, but I never expected to see an article dedicated just to how much people don't like a certain car. But the Hummer was meant to make a splash, and there's no doubt that's what it's accomplished. The Ann Arbor news found space for a piece on how much city officials and local environmentalists dislike the Hummer. I wouldn't call it hard news, but it's interesting to read nonetheless.

What's even more interesting is that the article came out just as a poll conducted by the Detroit Free Press and WDIV was released that claims that Michiganders still love their domestic cars. "Michigan residents continue to support American automakers, with 45 percent of households owning a vehicle made by General Motors", the AP reported. In Michigan, only 15 percent of households own a foreign car.

[Source: Ann Arbor News, AP]

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