Atari chooses gamer-designed concept for Test Drive Unlimited

Atari's newest title, Test Drive Unlimited, will allow gamers to choose from some of the most sought after rides of the last decade. Included in the 90 licensed cars and bikes available for virtual flogging will be David Sichtermann's four-wheeled, mighty-morphin' one-seater. Judging by the above illustration, the prototype will have the ability to change its wheel placement depending on the desired driving style, moving further out for back-road bombin and tucking for high-speed cruising.

Over 100 designs were submitted to the Atari website and voted on over the course of a month and a half. To reward Mr. Sichtermann's creativity and fortitude he will be receiving a $2,500 cash prize, which he intends on putting towards his art school tuition.

Check out the stellar runner-ups after the jump, any one of which would look right at home on your XBox 360.

[Source: Atari]

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