Bugatti Veyron Targa planned for 2008

Perhaps Bugatti got a little open-air envy after seeing the t-tops on Richard Losee's Ferrari Enzo, as we've just learned the Veyron will be shedding its roof in 2008 when the company introduces a targa version of its superlative exotic with a laminated glass roof panel developed by the same firm responsible for the Volkswagen Eos's folding hardtop. Since the Veyron's packaging is so tight, Inside Line reports that the roof panel cannot be stored on board. To compensate, Bugatti will develop a fabric panel that can be pulled in place to protect the car's interior from the elements if need arises.

Developing the Veyron Targa will involve strengthening the windshield and other structural modifications, so Bugatti will use carbon fiber for the car's doors and hood. The grille and the headlights, which will now turn with the wheels, will also be restyled. These changes should also be ported over to the coupe eventually.

The Veyron Targa's top speed of 217 mph will be lower than the coupe's upper bound of 253 mph, but that should be enough to keep it ahead of Losee's T-Top Enzo.

[Source: Inside Line]

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