Fiat Panda Terramare 4 makes it across the English Channel

Maurizio Zanisi apparently has way too much time on his hands. The Italian engineer has modified a Fiat Panda 4x4 with a flotation belt and a waterjet propulsion system to create the Panda Terramare 4 - a vehicle that adds a new dimension to "off-roading."

Zanisi's Panda paddleboat splashed into the English Channel today at the British seaside town of Folkestone and came ashore on the French coast at Cap Griz Nez six hours later. The distance covered by water was 25 nautical miles across a body of water that's the H2O equivalent of an L.A. expressway.

The watertight Panda has been paddling about since 2005, but this has been its longest ocean journey to date. Zanisi, who builds specialty vehicles for a living, estimates that the Terramare version of the Panda would sell for about €80,000 (around $100,000).

Thanks to Into Gear for the tip!

[Source: Italiaspeed, Quattroruote]

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