President Bush a fan of using ethanol in Indy races

Last week the representatives from the Indy Racing League met with President Bush at the White House, where the president heard a bit about the league's use of ethanol to race around in circles. Wait, it's ovals, right? Anyway, the IRL is using an E10 blend of gasoline and ethanol this season and will start using E100 for all races in 2007.
According to the IRL, the ethanol-promoting President said the league was "leading edge, leading edge". Tom Slunecka, the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council's executive director, said he was pleased the president recognized the IRL for its ethanol use. "We appreciate the sentiments of the Bush administration, which has been a long-time supporter of ethanol, and together with its efforts to bring more ethanol to the consumer, we believe ethanol can take our country a long, long way." Not if you're driving in ovals, Tom.

[Source: Domestic Fuel]

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