BMW officially announces pricing for 3-Series Coupe

This has been sitting in the queue for a day because we thought we had covered it a couple weeks ago. We were operating under the assumption the pricing of the BMW 3-Series Coupe that "leaked" out was accurate. It wasn't. It was close, but a few clams short of what the actual MSRPs will be. The 335i coupe with the 300-horse twin-turbo six will start at $41,295 (not $40,600), the 328i Coupe will begin at $35,995 (not $35,300) and the inaugural 328xi will go for $37,795 (not $37,100). Does it matter the 3-Series Coupe will be more expensive than we thought? No. As BMW correctly points out, the base 328i offers more features and performance than the outgoing, top-of-the-line 330Ci Coupe, all for $2,500 less. That's progress we're willing to pay for.

[Source: BMW North America]

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