Whipping it out in public - Dean Martin's "Sex Wagon" on display

After 39 years in private custody, the "Sex Wagon" shared by the Rat Pack's Dean Martin and Playboy pinup girl Stella Stevens in the 1966 flick "The Silencers" is on display at the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, IL. Pimped out before it was cool, the wagon sported a working TV (quite impressive in 1966), martini bar, two "bedrooms" decked out in leather, and a tailgate that lowered into a step. The car was a perfect ride for Martin, who played Matt Helm, a swinger/spy that would give Austin Powers himself a run for his money.

The "Sex Wagon" was designed by George Barris, who built other legendary vehicles like the original Batmobile. Barris was reunited with the vehicle after it was purchased from the estate of Swing Dance Hall of Fame Member, Lou "Bart" Bartolo, who purchased the wagon from a Columbia Pictures back lot sale in 1967.

[Source: Volo Auto Museum via Automobile.com]

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