Presidents mention Brazil-U.S. renewable energy partnership at G8 summit

President Bush is in Russia, trying his best to resolve all the conflicts that have overtaken the agenda of the G8 meeting there. This morning he took four minutes to publicly meet with Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and the two spoke briefly about biofuels and the WTO. Bush said he was "interested in continuing our dialogue about alternative energy" and Lula took off from there. "Another important thing is that we see that we will open up the possibility for us to build partnership with the United States of America on the issue of renewable sources of energy and fuel," he sad. "And we are advancing this field. The bio-diesel program is already a reality. And now we have another novelty that is the H-bio that is directly, finally, in the refineries of the blend of oil seeds and vegetable oil with petroleum. I'd like to take advantage of this moment and hand over to you – [laughter] -- our program of renewable sources of fuel. We have ethanol, bio-diesel, H-bio -- it's almost an invitation, Mr. President, for us to build a major partnership."
[Source: White House]

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