Dinner and a movie with Dodge

If your weekend plans involve taking a significant other to dinner and a movie, be forewarned you may find a third wheel tagging along. Dodge is debuting a new 60-second ad in 20 theaters to promote the 2007 Caliber, hoping the combination of overpriced popcorn and pretzel bites will make its new economy car appear affordable by comparison. A 2007 Dodge Caliber will be parked in each lobby, and the venues will be decked out with banners, standees, static clings and signage to promote the Caliber. Movie goers will also receive promotional brochures along with their tickets.
Dodge picked a good time to go the movies, as the summer blockbuster season is in full effect and box office records are beginning to fall like SUV sales. The Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man's Chest set multiple records last weekend becoming the fastest movie to earn $100 million with the biggest single day, opening day and opening weekend ever in cinema.

[Source: Promomagazine via Adjab]

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