Honda R&D wins gold LEED award for Ohio

This week, Ohio-based Honda R&D Americas, Inc., (HRA) received the gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) award. The award, granted by the United States Green Building Council, is in recognition of HRA for its numerous environmentally-friendly systems used in the facility. HRA president Hirohide Ikeno says, "Building green facilities is another important part of Honda's environmental commitment and our effort to be a company that society wants to exist."
Some of HRA's 'green' tactics are simple. The emergency generator, for example, runs on biodiesel which reduces gas emissions by 75 percent. On the other hand, HRA uses an ice-chilling system for the facility's air-conditioning. The system is not only less expensive than traditional ones, but can later be expanded into new buildings.

[Source: American Honda Motor Co., Inc. via PR Newswire via Yahoo!]

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