Mazda RX-8 lands in comics - no joke

Or rather to be more precise, the Mazda RX-8 will be featured in a series of graphic novels called Revved published by Top Cow Productions. The four-door sports car will be one of four cars depicted that are made with the same metal found in the Holy Grail, Joan of Arc's armor and King Arthur's Excalibur. This metallic cocktail of precious metal imbues the car and its driver with special powers, perhaps even the ability to develop torque at low rpm, something the RX-8's rotary motor seems unable to do without supernatural aid or a supercharger.

The Revved graphic novels are also being licensed into a television series being developed by FOX. Who knows how Mazda got tangled up in making comics, but credit must be given for being creative with the marketing budget. The first Revved book will debut at ComicCon in a couple weeks, though you can check out the first ten pages here.

[Source: Mazda]

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