Biofuels are but a cog in a greener future

As we know, it's awful hard to quantify just how green our lifestyles are. Pretty much everything we use, buy or eat has a history that can be chained further and further back, where the ecological impact gets harder and harder to measure. We can commute to work on a bike, for example, but how was the metal for the bike extracted from the earth? How was the bike transported from the factory to the shop? And so on. It might be only the greenest of the green who stay up nights worrying about this, but it's becoming fashionable for companies to hype their green food chain to attract customers and to do right by Mother Earth. This is the case with Cameron's Coffees, an Ontario-based coffee roasting company that recently announced they were "bullfrogpowered".  Bullfrog is a 100 percent green electric power company, and Cameron's Coffees' roasting facilities are using the green juice. The company also advocates using biodiesel in their delivery vehicles, buys fair trade coffee beans and installed a solar panel on the roasting facility. Declarations like this make it a little bit easier to trace the green (or not green) history of the things we buy, which may allow some of us to sleep better at night.

[Source: Cameron's Coffee via Treehugger]

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