DCX to redo SMART car before U.S. debut

The SMART car lineup has been trimmed from three models to just one after the cancellation of the forfour and roadster models. So the future profitability of the brand rests on the tiny fenders of the fortwo, which will be coming to the U.S. in 2008. WhatCar? is reporting that the tiny two-seater will be rehashed before it makes its American debut. As you can see from this rendering, the overall look may be largely unchanged, with the biggest difference being the new headlights and front fascia. WhatCar?, however, calls the next fortwo "all-new", so perhaps DaimlerChrysler will be substantially revamping the car inside and out in an effort to make it more appealing to U.S. tastes.  

[Source: WhatCar?

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