LaBische FSC-1TM could be the flying car we're waiting for

We swear to all that is good and holy that we will not leave the mortal shackles of this terrestrial plane until we see flying cars become a reality. Perhaps the LaBische FSC-1TM will be the flying car that allows us to die in peace. If so, by the time we expire the skies will be filled with the FSC-1TM that features wings and a rear propeller that both fold up and disappear inside the car when driving on the street. When airborne the craft can reach speeds up to 275 mph, a figure based on calculations garnered from scale model prototypes being tested by LaBische. While we were hoping flying cars of the future would be powered by scramjet technology, if it's got to be prop-driven, then so be it. While a full-scale functioning prototype of the FSC-1TM has yet to be produced, the company is accepting deposits for build-it-yourself kits that will set you back $175,000 upon delivery. Upon delivery... we're waiting.

[Source: LaBische via Engadget]

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