Great Britain sees more bicycle and motorcycle traffic, fewer cars in 2005

The Department for Transport today released its final numbers for 2005 traffic on roads in Great Britain. While overall traffic growth rose by 0.2 percent from 2004, this amount was less than the average rise in recent years. The gains came through higher numbers of "two-wheeled motor vehicles", "pedal cycles" and "light van traffic." The number of cars and goods vehicles both dropped.
The study makes no claims about why these slight shifts in traffic habits happened last year, but I'd like to think that it's because people are becoming more environmentally conscious and therefore riding bikes instead of driving cars. But that's probably a lot of wishful thinking on my part and doesn't explain the light van traffic increase. Still, the numbers show more people riding bikes, and that's a good thing. You can read the full report here.

[Source: Department for Transport]

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