Toyota fields Lexus GS450 hybrid racecar

Toyota Motor has announced that it has entered a race-prepped version of its Lexus GS450h hybrid sedan in Japan's Tokachi 24-hour endurance race. The car (shown above in preliminary livery) will be raced by Sigma Automotive Racing Division (SARD), a group that races Toyotas in the Japanese Super GT series.

The GS450h racecar is spec'd at a maximum hybrid system output of about 345 hp, with peak output of the gas engine of 295 hp, and peak electric motor output of nearly 200 hp. The race-ready Lexus races in a class with a relatively hefty minimum weight of 3,417 lb, and has received the usual top-to-bottom list of race modifications, including:
  • reworked suspension
  • wheels and tires
  • rollcage
  • fuel cell
  • limited-slip differential
  • uprated brakes
  • aero modifications
The Tokachi 24-hour race is part of a race series for production-based cars, broadly similar to the U.S. SPEED World Challenge.

[Source: Toyota]

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