Nissan/Renault knows what it wants from GM

According to the Japanese business daily Nhon Keizai, Nissan and Renault have already decided what areas of cooperation they would seek from General Motors if a proposed alliance between the three companies became a reality. Those three areas are parts procurement, environmental and safety technology.
Speculation abounds as to what shape such an alliance might take if it were to happen. Would we see Nissan-badged Chevrolets? Or perhaps Saturn-badged Renaults? Rather, it seems such an alliance would mostly involve technology sharing and greater economies of scale for all three companies. Nissan could certainly benefit from GM's upcoming hybrid drivetrains that will be sold in the Saturn VUE Green Line and Chevy Tahoe Hybrid. Meanwhile, we'd love to see a GM midsize sedan driven by Nissan's VQ V6.

While the potential results of such cooperation are fun to ponder, GM's board first has to approve exploring the idea of such a relationship with Nissan/Renault. Apparently the issue is going to be on the table tomorrow in a meeting of GM's board. We'll be eager to see what decision gets handed down.

[Source: Reuters]

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