Elfin MS8 gets green light from Aussie authorities

After a year's worth of regulatory difficulty, Australia's Elfin Sports Car Company will finally start production on the stunning MS8 Streamliner. The Holden-styled roadster promises stunning performance, with its 325-hp 5.7L V8 reacting against only 2,315 lbs, but difficulty was encountered getting the vehicle through the Australia Design Rules (ADR) certification process. Particularly, the General Motors GenIII V8 was reluctant to perform within the prescribed noise limits, but a work-around was found that does not cause a reduction in rated output power.

Hanging from a tubular space frame, the suspension has all the adjustability one would expect from a racecar, and 13.5" front brakes with six-pot calipers (the rears are an inch smaller and shy two pistons) promise fade-free performance during lap sessions. Far from being a stripped-down track-only device, though, the ES8 provides features such as cruise control, traction control, and ABS, and the interior appears to be livable enough to make setting the idea of setting the cruise somewhat plausible.  

As everyone should have guessed by now, we shouldn't expect such a vehicle to make it to the US. Those living Down Under can place an order with Elfin and expect to receive a vehicle in about three months, and with a price tag starting around $120K AUD (that's just shy of $90K USD).

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[Sources: Carpoint Australia and Elfin]

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