Bulletproof autos a hot item in China

For Chinese managers and executives, the new must-have accessory is an armored vehicle.

Spurred on by fears of vehicle-directed attacks like carjackings and kidnappings, managers in China are lining up to have their personal cars and trucks converted into bulletproof bunkers on wheels. Companies like Chongqing Jinguan Automobile Manufacture are the beneficiaries of the newfound paranoia, as they generally pull in anywhere from $75,000 to 87,000 USD to vonvert  convert a vehicle like a Toyota Land Cruiser. If the conversion subject is a luxury car, it costs even more.

Once armored, vehicles can withstand a variety of attacks ranging from window break-in attempts to small arms fire. Specialized tires allow targets to make a hasty getaway even if they've been shot out.

Given that luxury automakers like BMW have offered factory armor packages in the past, it wouldn't be all that surprising to see an armored factory option return to take advantage of this market opportunity.

[Source: China Daily]

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