Jaguar surprises dealers with peek of new S-Type

Jaguar invited some of its dealers to the launch of the new XKR and surprised them with a private unveiling of the new S-Type sedan. Ford has been feeding rumors that the new S-Type's styling will be a major breakthrough for the brand, and reaction to the sneak peek at Jaguar's four-door feline seem to support that. The retro look has reportedly been ditched in favor of "heavy flanks", a four-door coupe profile and a "wide and deep grille flanked by prominent headlights". The car did suffer a setback when Jaguar dropped plans to build it on a modified aluminum XJ platform. Instead the new car will roll on the current model's (pictured) steel frame.

The new S-Type is still 12 months away from being publicly debuted, but dealers are notorious for being brutally honest about a car's potential, so their reaction to the car at the XKR introduction is a good sign.

[Source: CarKeys]

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