Canadian electric scooters unveiled

Vespa's now got some competition in the cool scooter sector. Ecodrive Technology Group Inc. announced Saturday that the Canadian company will release the world's "first commercially available electric motorcycles and scooters to be powered by advanced Polymer Lithium-Ion (PLI) batteries". That's how the company's press release puts it. Their website's main page says, instead, that, they are the "first all electric, zero-emission DOT and Transport Canada CMVSS compliant motor scooter designed for public roads". What does this mean for riders? Well, the new scooters can go about 40 miles (and up to 40 mph) on a 2-hour charge. This means the now-standard disclaimers that these EVs are not for everyone obviously still apply.

I like the looks of these scooters. And they provide some of the same benefits of an EV car like the Zenn at – hopefully – a lower price tag. It's unclear as of now, since EVT Canada's online store is empty and the price listed on the main page is $CAD.

[Source: EVT Canada, Post suggested by Lance]

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