Free Jaguar for those 'Gorgeous' people

How would you like to get an $80,000 Jaguar XK for free? You can if you live the "Gorgeous" lifestyle.

Jaguar is embarking on what is called 'reality advertising' to promote its latest sports coupe. Selected individuals who live 'aspirational' lifestyles are contacted and given an XK to drive and show off during the course of their day. The brand hopes that others of similar means will feel 'lifestyle envy', question the temporary Jaguar owner and, hopefully, purchase one themselves. Nico Bossi, a Jaguar driver and one of New York's "Beautiful People," states he does not reveal that he does not own the car but provides specifications provided by the company including price.

Huh? Does being one of a select few bloggers writing an international auto site qualify as aspirational?

[Source: Wall Street Journal via Luxist]

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