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International Day of Action Against Climate Change

Environmentalists are calling a protest against the "Group of Eight" (G8) summit at St. Petersburg, Russia, this year on July 15th. The protest, called an 'International Day of Action Against Climate Change', is a call of action against continued funding - amounting to trillions of dollars - by the G8 for greater investment in coal, gas, oil resources as well as nuclear energy. The G8 is composed of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the U.K. and the U.S. which effectively dominate 65 percent of the world's economy. The declaration is in response to 'leaked' documentation of the G8's plans to increase production in the above resources.
Activists are not just pushing for protests, though. They point to 'zero emission', referring to the long-term goal of phasing out fossil fuels and prevent runaway greenhouse effects. Current technologies supposedly addressing the issue such as hybrids, nuclear, bio-fuel, only produce 'less pollution' which activists consider half-way measures and do not support a paradigm shift such as switching to wind and solar power or even replacing dryers with clothes lines.

More information after the link. Personally, we have to question some of the solutions and policy changes. Throwing money at alternative technologies such as wind power, for example, as suggested by the activists may not necessary make the technology more viable compared to current energy technologies.

[Source: Infoshop News]

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