Ethanol making sense to nine percent more American consumers

The ethanol industry's promotion department has got some good news to report: a May survey found that 73 percent of American consumers are somewhat likely or very likely to buy ethanol. The exact question asked in the online survey was "Assuming it was available, how likely would you be to purchase ethanol-blended the next time you purchase gasoline for your car?" and the results (seen in the graphic above and at the Driving Ethanol website) indicated that nine percent more folks are interested now than in January of 2005. This isn't too surprising, is it, given all the promotion ethanol has been getting lately? Most of the change comes from the undecided consumers in 2005. The Ethanol Promotion and Information Council says that ethanol's environmental benefits versus standard gasoline were the most regularly mentioned reasons folks were keen on the fuel. Good, because I don't see ethanol's reduced gas mileage or lower octane rating being real selling points.

[Source: Ethanol Promotion and Information Council]

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