Spy Photos: Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG

Many Autoblog readers balked at the styling of the newly announced Mercedes-Benz CL550 and CL600 coupes. Well, it's too late now for MB to change the CL's appearance, so perhaps an AMG-tuned version will help keep your mind off what more than a few have referred to as uninspired styling. The Straighline Blog reports that while this mule caught testing at the Nurburgring in Germany is easily identifiable as an AMG product thanks to the wide wheels, meaty tires and quad exhaust, no one is quite sure which engine is laboring under the hood. Most new AMG models are coming equipped with the division's outstanding 6.3L V8, except for the 2007 S65 AMG that uses the older twin-turbo V12. Seeing as the CL coupe's a range-topper, MB may go with the TT V12 for the overkill effect, but we doubt many would be complaining if the 6.3L V8 were used, either.

[Source: Straightline Blog]

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