POLL: Name that Volkswagen

Unbeknownst to us a contest has been going on in Germany to name Volkswagen's new small SUV that's slated to be sold under the Touareg when it goes on sale in Europe next year and eventually in the U.S. VW was apparently displeased with names proposed for the vehicle by its own marketing department and executives were tongue-tied, as well. So they opened it up to the people and asked readers of Autobild, Germany's biggest automotive weekly, to vote for their favorite among five names chosen by the company as candidates. One of the readers who chooses the winning name for the SUV will get one free when it goes on sale.

We thought Volkswagen might appreciate the opinion of Autoblog's readership, so we put the question to you: Which name will best suit VW's upcoming small SUV? The candidate names and their definitions follow.

Nanuk: Eskimo for small polar bear.
Namib: a desert in Namibia.
Rockton: a play on the word "rock" and its strength.
Tiguan: a combination of the words "tiger" and "iguana."
Samun: a hot desert wind that blows in North Africa and some Arabian countries.

Name that Volkswagen
[Source: AutoWeek]

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