Significantly lower car fuel use in Germany by 2025

The German Mineraloelwirtschaftverband (MWV for short) predicts a drop by nearly a quarter in gasoline and diesel demand in the next 20 years. The consumption of gasoline usage for road traffic alone is predicted to fall by 42 percent by 2024, while diesel usage would decline by only 12 percent from the 2005 level. The prediction is based on the steadily increasing energy efficiency in new cars, car owners driving less and less due to increasing fuel prices, and the fact that many gasoline-driven cars are being replaced by diesel cars. In addition to the reduction in consumption, the German government is promoting the use of pure biodiesel and biodiesel blends. The reduction in consumption and the alternative fuel use will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from road traffic by 30 percent in the next 20 years.
[Source: Planet Ark]

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