Alternative fuel classics: Mercedes-Benz diesel

While in many parts of the country, the pervasiveness of the Toyota Prius points to our increased concern with fuel economy, in Western North Carolina 20-plus-year-old diesel Mercedes-Benz sedans or wagons are the local transportation of choice for conservationists. The demand for the old diesel cars has increased substantially, and many of them are powered by biodiesel. Some owners prefer the old Mercedes-Benz cars due to their practicality, but the majority of owners mention the ability to use biodiesel as an alternative to petroleum diesel as the main reason for buying the car. The people that are trying to sell their old Benz were often not running biodiesel, while the buyers often plan to use biodiesel, reflecting the national trend showing increases in biodiesel consumption. If any old Benz owners are reading this, you can get a pretty good price for your used diesel over in North Caroline. While the cars used to be worth around $1,500, they can now fetch $3,000 to $5,000. 
[Source: Asheville Citizen Times]

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