G-Wiz! London drivers going electric

The city of London's efforts to control its infamous traffic jams and related air quality issues have focused on discouraging drivers from even considering entering the city with their gas-burners by levying a daily "congestion charge" (a form of usage tax, running about $15 a day) and a stiff annual road tax. Throw in sky high curbside parking fees of up to $70 a day, and drivers are looking for alternatives that provide the freedom of a personal vehicle without the high cost - like GoinGreen's "G-Wiz" electric cars (right).
Electric vehicles are exempt from the congestion charge, the annual road tax, and on-street parking fees, so a regular visitor to central London can recover the $13,000 purchase price of a G-Wiz in just 12 months, according to GoinGreen's managing director Keith Johnston.

The 500 or so G-Wiz electric cars humming through London streets are not only attracting more G-Wiz buyers, but also drawing the interest of competitors, with the electric Maranello 4 and NICE (No Internal Combustion Engine) brands soon to be introduced to Londoners.

Electric city car manufacturers are looking to other European urban markets, and, inevitably, to China to fuel future growth.

[Source: Automotive News]

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